2X36 W Waterproof Etange Fixtures

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Model Description is 2×36 Watt Waterproof Etange Luminaries. These products can be used with T8 and T5 type fluorescent lamps. 2×36 Watt Waterproof Etange Luminaries also can be used in Led lighting applications. 2×36 Watt Waterproof Etange Luminaries generally used in indoor-outdoor and industrial lighting. Used materials are first class DKP and polycarbonyte.

Body :  Polycarbonate injection
Glass : Transparent polycarbonate injection
Gasket :  Silicone rubber
Reflector :  0,4 mm DKP sheet with oven dyed white electrostatic powder
Protection Class : IP 65 ( Waterproof material )
 Fastener : Polycarbonate, easy and practical installation
  Ceiling Carrier :  0,6 mm thickness, stainless steel with biasing feature
 Gland :  30 °C +80 °C heat resistance polyamide material with IP 68 protection class
  • Indoor & outdoor industrial lighting
  • Dusty and humid fields
  • Chemical factories
  • Textile warehouses
  • Tunnels and garages
  • Ships
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