Lighting Fixtures

Solar Street Lighting Poles

Ballastco Solar LED street lighting poles combine energy efficiency, high lumen performance and long lifetime advantages in lighting. Solar street lighting poles, which combine the high efficiency of LED with the environmental and low cost advantages of solar energy, can be used safely for years, without maintenance. These products can continue to supply energy even if there is no sun for up to 4 days thanks to their gel battery.

LED Panels

Ballastco LED panels with wide use area are offered as an extremely economical, high-transparency and highly reflective optical structure suitable for the needs of the many places such as offices, schools, homes and showrooms. The surface mounting frame makes it easy to use either embedded or surface mountable. If you need stylish and efficient lighting, Ballastco LED panels are the best solution.

Etange Luminaries

Model Description is Etange Luminaries. Ballastco waterproof etange fixtures are produced by combining elegant armatures with a high degree of protection. These ani-flare luminaries are suitable to use for either indoor or outdoor usage. Also this high quality etange Luminaries can be designed to be used for LED lighting applications. Their casing material is made of waterproof (IP65) polycarbonyte, and DKP material is used for reflector.
Since they are designed to provide long-lasting, high-quality light on demanding conditions, these luminaries can be easily used in any environmental condition.

Recessed Mounted Luminaries

Model Description is Recessed Mounted Luminaries. Ballastco recessed-mounted lighting fixtures provide efficient and creative lighting solutions with easy installation and maintenance features by producing efficient lighting solutions. They can also be used in offices, schools, shopping centers and many indoor applications such like these. Recessed mounted luminaries let the user gain from the field. These products are made of quality materials and designed with different models which include different size and mount specialities.

Surface Mounted Luminaries

Model Description is Surface Mounted Fixtures. Ballastco surface-mounted luminaires are produced in a light and aesthetically pleasing way so that you can find every comfort with the highest efficiency. Fixture bodies and reflectors are manufactured from high quality materials. Ballastco surface mounted luminaries are suitable to use in offices, schools, shopping centers and many indoor applications like these. Ballastco surface mounted fixtures have different color options like white,wooden and silver. These products are made of high quality aluminium and DKP materials.

Batten Fixtures

Model description is Batten Fixtures. Ballastco batten fixtures are one of the most widely used products which are used in lighting applications. These luminaries offer simple and successful solutions for illuminating a lot of places from indoor workshop and similar places to shopping centers and factories. Our batten fixtures can be used with fluorescent tubes safely.