70 W Metal Hallide Lamp Ballast

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Model Designation is magnetic 70 Watt Metal Hallide Lamp Ballast. Heating up the filaments, providing the starting voltage and regulating the operating current are main purposes of magnetic 70 Watt Metal Hallide Lamp Ballast.70 Watt Metal Hallide Lamp Ballast is used in many wide field lighting applications where Metal Hallide Lamps are used. These devices are used with ignitors.


Wire Type:

Enameled Copper

Body Material:

Nylon 66 or Nylon 6 fireproof material (with fiber glass) for Carcass.
Siliceous sheet on body parts

Protection Type:

Thermal Protection


TS EN 61347-2-9, EN 60923

Average Lifetime:

Tw marking 130° (average lifetime of 10 years continuous operation @ 130°)

Other Spesifications:

  High quality screw-in or insert terminal blocks as standard
 Quick and easy wiring
 Long Lifetime
Silent Working



  • High efficacy factor
  • High color reversal
  • Best color rendering
  • Best white light
  • Green color options for park & garden lighting


  • Decorative indoor lighting
  • Store and museum lightings
  • Historical pieces and building front lighting
  • Industrial exhibition and hypermarket lighting
  • High altitude and local covered places lighting


Dimensional Drawing

Wiring Diagram


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