Led Drivers

Constant Voltage

Model Description is Constant Voltage LED Driver. Ballastco constant voltage LED drivers have different voltage levels such as 5V, 12V and 24V options to meet the lighting devices’ needing such as LED panels and projectors. Constant voltage LED driver regulate the LED’s operating voltage and make the LED system work properly. IP 20 and waterproof(IP67) options are available.

Constant Current

Model Description is Constant Current LED Driver. Ballastco constant current drivers, which are essential for many LED lighting fixtures, are designed to offer a combination of high efficiency, long life and stable operation. Thanks to their active power factor correction(pfc) and over 90% efficiency, they have become a reliable and indispensable component for LED lighting. They are designed to work with many different fittings. As a result of this, they are available in IP20 and IP67 at different power and dimensions.

DALI Dimming

Model Description is DALI Dimming LED Driver. Ballastco DALI dimming drivers are suitable for use in all areas where LED lighting is possible thanks to their ability to select current mode with dip switches. Due to the fact that the DALI dimming LED drivers can be controlled digitally, in many applications requiring illumination control, many parameters such as light intensity, color and open time can be controlled at the same time.
With advancing technology, control is getting increasingly important in lighting. Ballastco DALI dimming drivers are the most reliable source of lighting control and can be used for both indoor and outdoor LED lighting applications safely.