Lighting Fixtures

Ballastco lighting fixtures offers effective lighting solutions for every place where you need light. Many of our fixtures can be used with either fluorescent or LED lighting bulbs and tubes. Considering of different places needings, they are designed with optimal features which include different dimensions, powers and mounting specialities. While we have recessed and surface mounted options for indoor lighting, IP20 and waterproof options are available for outdoor and industrial lighting.

  Led Drivers

With the replacement of LED lighting to classic lighting; LED drivers which is increasingly used, have become an indispensable component for lighting applications.
Ballastco offers LED drivers, which can be used with all kinds of led lighting fixtures, with inside or outside, constant current or constant voltage, classical or DALI controlled options.

 Electronic Ballasts

Electronic ballasts are used very common due to their ease of use, quite working, safety and electronically controllable features. These devices can be used almost every type of lighting fixtures thanks to their flexible design feature. Besides, Ballastco electronic ballasts present our customers; many different opsions in point of product sizes, protection, input voltage and controlling type. Also these products efficiencies can be nearly %95 levels.

Magnetic Ballasts

Magnetic ballasts have been used as a fundemental component of lighting fixtures for long years. The magnetic field which is created by windings wound on a carcass, provides a magnetic filed that preserves lamps stable working. Although magnetic ballasts leave their place to electric ones, Ballastco magnetic ballast are still can be used safely for long years where you need a reliable lighting component.

Other Lighting Accessories

Ballastco is also involved in the production of auxiliary components considering the needs of the customers as well as sales of finished fittings. It provides fast solutions by producing and supplying lighting accessories such as lighting ignitors and capacitors in a quick way.