1×15 W Electronic Ballast

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    Model Designation is 1X15 W Electronic Ballast. Ballastco 1×15 W Electronic Ballasts purpose providing an efficient lighting and protecting the fluorescent lamp from voltage fluctations. It has a low mains current, fast ignition, silent working and vibration-free lighting features. 1×15 W Electronic Ballast can be used with T8 type fluorescent lamps. Also it can work under DC voltage and it has no stroboscopic effects.


    Supply Voltage : 

    230 VAC 50/60 Hz

    Ambient Temperature (Ta) :

    -10 °C – +50 °C

    Max. Case Temperature (Tc) : 

    70 °C

    Energy Efficiency Index :

    EEI = A3

    Time to Light :


    Ballast Lumen Factor (Blf) :

      BLF > 75 %

    Operating Frequency :

     30 – 50 kHz

    Protection Class :

     IP 20

    Insulation Class : 




    • For use with T8 lamps
    • Long lamp life with warm-start
    • Not affected by low voltageLow mains current
    • Fast ignition, silent working and vibration-free lighting
    • Compatible with Emergency Lighting Modules
    • Ignites two lamps with one ballast
    • Easy mounting with screwless terminal block
    • Non-flammable ABS case
    • Non-flammable CEM1 PCB material


    • For fluorescent lamps
    • Residential lighting
    • Commercial lighting
    • Household environments
    • Indoor-outdoor lighting


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    Wiring Diagram


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