1×36 W Digital Electronic Ballast

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    Model Designation is 1X36 W Digital Electronic Ballast. Ballastco 1×36 W Digital Electronic Ballasts purpose providing an efficient lighting and protecting the fluorescent lamp from voltage fluctations. They have very high power factor and voltage guard system in which the overvoltage indication and the undervoltage shutdown included. 1×36 W Digital Electronic Ballast can be used with T8 type fluorescent lamps. Also it can work under DC voltage and it has no stroboscopic effects.

    Supply Voltage :  230 VAC 50/60 Hz
    Ambient Temperature (Ta) : -10 °C – +50 °C
    Max. Case Temperature (Tc) :  70 °C
    Energy Efficiency Index : EEI = A2
    Defined Warm Start :  ti < 2s
    Total Harmonic Distortion (Thd) :    THD < 10 %
     Ballast Lumen Factor (Blf) :  BLF > 85 %
     Operating Frequency :  45 – 55 kHz
     Protection Class :   IP 20
     Insulation Class :  II
     Crest Factor :  CF < 1,7
    Advantages Applications
    • For use with T8 lamps
    • Warm-start that prolong the life of the lamp
    • Voltage guard (over voltage indication and under voltage shutdown
    • Mains input line filter
    • Active power factor correction
    • Lamp fault protection
    • Fast ignition, silent working and vibration-free lighting
    • One lamp operating within multi-lamp application
    • Constant luminous flux
    • Automatic start after defective lamp replacement
    • Compatible with Emergency Lighting Modules
    • Simple connectable terminal block
    • Non-flammable ABS case
    • Non-flammable CEM1 PCB material
    • For fluorescent lamps
    • Residential lighting
    • Commercial lighting
    • Household environments
    • Indoor-outdoor lighting
    Dimensional Drawing Wiring Diagram


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