35-400 W Serial Ignitor

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    Model Description is 35-400 Watt Metal Sodium Ignitor. 35-400 Watt Metal Hallide Ignitor is used for 35-400 Watt Metal Hallide and 70-150 Watt Sodium Lamps compensation. These device improves metal hallide and sodium lamps’ power factors and prevents power loss. 35-400 Watt Metal Sodium Ignitors are resistant to mechanical impacts and moisture. They can be used in every applications where MH and HPS lamps are used.

    Provides ignition at lamp pick voltage of 198 V
    Goes of from the circuit as the ignition done
    High insulation resistance, long life due to self-healing effect
    Stops ignition as ballast pick voltage decrease under 185 V
    Time adjustable options which improves ignitor, ballast and lamp lifetime
    Makes ignition in cooling time in the case of power cut
    Resistant to heat, moisture and mechanical impacts
    • Being used to ignite HPS and MH lamps
    • Outdoor lighting luminaries
    • Road & street luminaries
    • Stadium and sport complex lighting luminaries
    • Industrial luminaries
    • Decorative lighting luminaries
    • Gas station luminaries


    Technical Drawing Wiring Diagram

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