Magnetic Ballasts

Fluorescent Ballast

Model designation is magnetic Fluorescent Lamp Ballast. Fluorescent Lamp Ballast is used in many indoor and outdoor applications where fluorescent lamps are used. These devices are used with starters. Although electronic ballasts are a newer technology in fluorescent lighting, Ballastco magnetic ballasts are still widely preferred for interior lighting thanks to their resistance to harsh conditions.

Mercury Vapor Ballast

Model designation is magnetic Mercury Vapor Lamp Ballast. Mercury vapor lamp ballasts don’t need ballast to ignite the lamp. A mercury vapor ballast is generally used in industrial lighting solutions where mercury vapor lamps are used. Mercury vapor ballasts have been used safely for years in difficult lighting environments such as mines and excavation areas.

Sodium Vapor Ballast

Model designation is magnetic Sodium Vapor Ballast. Ballastco sodium vapor lamp ballasts offer persistent solutions especially for street lighting applications. These devices are used with ignitors. Resistance to factors such as cold air, mechanical effects and intense dust make these products the first choice for areas requiring high power, permanent and effective lighting, such as street lighting.

Metal Hallide Ballast

Model Designation is magnetic Metal Halide Lamp Ballast. Metal Halide Ballast is the most suitable lighting solution for many applications such as sport fields, show areas, showrooms and decorative lighting with its white light quality. Due to its color rendering feature, using this product is unavoidable for lots of applications.