Lighting Accessories

Lighting Capacitors

Model Description is Lighting Capacitors. Lighting Capacitors are used to compensate the lighting systems power factor. Ballastco has a wide range of lighting capacitors which should be used with fluorescent and HID lamp ballasts. We are able to meet the needs of our customers in a kit with magnetic ballasts and igniters as well as sales of capacitors alone.

Lighting Ignitors

Model Description is Lighting Ignitors. Ballastco lighting ignitors are used to apply sufficient peak voltage to start the operation of the sodium and metal halide lamps. These devices protects lamp rated life by immediately going of from the circuit after ignition. Ballastco high quality lighting ignitors are also resistant to mechanical impacts and humidity
thanks to the filling resin used in their production. They can be used in every lighting application where MH and HPS lamps are used.